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Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 November 202010-4/ 9.30 -3.15 Exercise, Performance, Play and Yoga with Peter Blackaby ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Exercise, Performance, Play and Yoga. - THIS SESSION WILL NOW TAKE PLACE ONLINE VIA ZOOM

When we look at modern yoga we can be forgiven for asking what is the difference between yoga and exercise, or yoga and acrobatics or yoga and just having fun with your body. In this workshop I would like to put forward the idea that it is about intention.

With exercise our intention is to affect Structure, either to become stronger, more flexible or to improve our cardiovascular capacity. With Performance it is to master a particular physical skill, It could look a lot like yoga as some gymnastics does, or it might not, 

Playing a musical instrument is also a performance requiring attentive repetition in the same way that yoga does. Or we can play around with our bodies and do cartwheels, or roly poly’s just for the fun of it. The question I am asking is when does our movement become yoga and when is it something else? In this weekend we will try and sift out what is significant about yoga and how we approach our teaching to reflect this.



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Saturday 12 December 202010:30- 3:30 Face the Day with Monica Voss ONLINE VIA ZOOM

We are delighted to have Monica join us for the second time this year offering another workshop session which is open to both teachers and students.

Face the Day!
Spending time releasing the face will expand the breathing, lengthen the spine, create a shift in our outlook that may last the whole week and become a touchstone, a faithful pandemic strategy. We'll squeeze and stretch and palpate, soften and stimulate tissue, joints and sutures, including our sticky jaw, furrowed brow, tender skull, the delicate throat and tenacious neck muscles. We'll use relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, postures and sound. What a beautiful wake up for our yoga practice and our lives!

Timings include a 1 hour break for lunch at 12.30.

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