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BWY Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Yoga with Carolyn Clarke


Looking to find a new and exciting opportunity to expand a career into yoga teaching?

BWYQ Level 4 CERTIFICATE IN TEACHING YOGA is a wonderful course that gives you all the necessary skills to be able to teach this valuable and varied subject. 

The course offers 160 hours tutorial time, focusing on the practical application of teaching yoga to the general public. Briefly, subject material includes how to plan lessons and courses, how to safely apply postures to the body (based on both anatomy and individual needs), breathing patterns and practices, relaxation. Other elements include creating themed practice and looking at the responsibility we have as a teacher – both personally and professionally. Training is also given on how to safely lead Zoom classes – a great way of taking yoga into the home.

All this and more under the watchful eye of Carolyn Clarke, a highly experienced Tutor for BWY.

Carolyn will be joined at times by long time co tutor Gillian Gee, who will drop in and bring her teaching and postural expertise to tutorials along the way.

The course also leads into a further training course which engages with Pranayama and Meditation, and also examines philosophy in more depth. This is a great ‘add on’ and will be of immense value for those class students who have been at your side throughout the Certificate course as it will enable you to develop class content and activity to move them forward in their practice.

An Introductory session will be held on Sunday 17th July 2022 from 10am – 2pm, where the course will be discussed in more detail so you can feel more informed about the journey this will take including the intended knowledge and skills base. Carolyn will outline BWY regulations and criteria and also discuss the level of personal commitment, workload, time frames and financial aspects of the course finally answering any other questions relating to the course and its commencement. Personal Practice will be included in the session.

The first course date is Sunday 18th September 2022.  

Details about the course can be downloaded here  and you can contact Carolyn on [email protected] for more information

You can book a place on the Introductory Day by completing the booking form here and making payment via our booking site BookWhen.

You will find the Introductory Day listed on our EVENTS page. Simply click on the BOOK NOW tab and you will be taken to the booking site. 


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